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Personalised consultations with Lifestyle Medical

 Doctors delivering Evidence-Based scientific practices to prevent, treat and reverse disease for you to live a long fulfilling life. 

About Us.

We are both fully qualified physicians. Dr Linda Mizun is an Emergency Medicine physician and Dr Adrian Jeyakumar is a General Practitioner with over 20 years of experience in treating patients between us.  Over the years, we have both realised that the traditional approach in medicine is largely a reactive process, commonly waiting for a disease to start prior to treatment, without enough emphasis on lifestyle changes.  However, these traditional approaches either have little effect or simply serve to delay the problem for a short while.  Additionally, 'healthy' professionals living 'stressed' and 'burnt-out' lives are frequently putting themselves at high risk whilst not being aware of the future problems that can await them if lifestyle changes are not made.

Through patient experiences and our own continued professional development, we understand that lifestyle changes are commonly the most successful approach in preventing, treating and in many cases reversing chronic disease whilst helping you to live a more fulfilling life. "Think Lifestyle" is a strong movement towards empowering you with these tools. 


Please book a free initial consultation to find out how we can help you. 


Lifestyle medicine is an evidence-based branch of medicine analysing, adjusting and influencing 6 pillars of your lifestyle to optimise your everyday well being today to help prevent, treat and reverse chronic disease in the future. 



What is Lifestyle Medicine?

The 6 pillars of Lifestyle Medicine & the Microbiota.

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Having a purpose in life has been nominated consistently as an indicator of healthy aging for several reasons including its potential for reducing mortality risk.
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How does 

Lifestyle Medicine


Our consultations aim

to deliver three

successful outcomes.




To empower you to maximise your success and take control of your goals we will take your full medical history and together we will look at the environment and people around you. This will allow us to equip you with a step by step strategy to implement systems and tools for your daily practice to achieve your objectives. 

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We optimise your body's chemistry so you can maximise your life. ​​

​Muscle gain

Improved relationships 

Improved mental health & mood

Sustainable weight loss 

Decrease stress levels

Improved sleep 

Increased energy levels 

Prevention, treatment & reversal of 80% of lifestyle related chronic diseases. 

Are you ready to start ?

Are you ready to start changing your life for the better? We provide medical consultations for industry leaders and high performing professionals who are looking to take control of their physical and mental health to be in the best shape to achieve and excel in their professional and personal goals. 

A free consultation video call for those looking at an overview of their health and where they can start optimising. 

A free video consultation for employers looking to create a healthier and more energetic workforce. 

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Lifestyle podcast 

coming soon.

In our Think Lifestyle Podcast, you'll learn the strategies behind the 6 pillars of Evidence-based Lifestyle Medicine that will give you the tools to start a happier and healthier you. 
If you have a medical question send it to us here and we will get back to you within 48h.

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"I am a doctor myself and suffer from severe chronic Asthma. I was admitted to the Emergency Department with a severe complication, and Dr. Mizun was my physician. My wife and I cannot be more grateful for her prompt and clinically accurate management. Since my childhood, I have suffered from this debilitating disease. I had multiple hospital admissions. This admission was the first time that I was treated as the expert of my condition, where I felt respected and in charge while being accurately treated by a doctor with promptness and kindness.

I am forever grateful for her service and hope everyone can experience her care to regain trust in the establishment."

Dr Asim, Anaesthetist


Lifestyle Medicine Story Project.

The Lifestyle Medicine Story Project documents stories of transformation and healing, of patients, physicians and organisations using evidence-based Lifestyle Medicine. You’ll meet people who faced great odds with their disease and addictions, only to overcome those through the power of the foods they ate and the lifestyle changes that they made. 

Empower yourself. Empower communities.


Think Lifestyle Community (the TLC) is a nonprofit organisation.

Your consultations help us bring education and one on one support to workers in the NHS.

By empowering yourself you will be actively empowering communities of healthcare professionals and their patients. A healthy medical community means a healthy NHS and healthcare service. 




Empower doctors,

empower patients,

empower communities.



1. Offer support to healthcare professionals so that they can optimise their health to carry on providing the best care to their patients. 


2. To establish lifestyle hubs in NHS hospitals across the UK.


3. Change the way we practice western medicine.

TLC has three aims:

If you are a company that prides itself on having ethical, legal, economic and philanthropic responsibilities to consumers and society, then we are a match and we are looking forward to hearing from you. For more information please get in touch to see how we can work together towards eliminating lifestyle-related chronic diseases. 
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© 2020 Dr Linda Mizun & Dr Adrian Jeyakumar. Think Lifestyle

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